Sample 1: Matthew's learning plan

Name: Matthew
Skill area: Using money.
Objective: Counting change and checking receipts after shopping. Assessment: Matthew recognises and selects coins up to £2 and notes up to £10 (Adult Pre-Entry Curriculum Framework Milestone 8). He needs help identifying totals on receipts. He needs help working out whether the change is correct.


  • practise finding the total on receipts
  • match coins to receipt totals
  • revise adding coins
  • add totals
  • subtract total from money we started with, to check change
  • check change using 'counting on' method.

Methods and materials:

  • collect range of receipts
  • use highlighter pen on receipt totals
  • make a receipt on the computer/calculator with till roll
  • use the till to produce a receipt at work placement shop
  • price tags for adding
  • use SuperMarket CD-ROM (see Organisations and websites) for calculating change
  • use calculator to add receipts
  • complete the following form.

Form for balancing receipts

What we spent today Amount Receipt number
Total spent    

Total spent           
How much money did we start off with?  

Sample 2: Abdul's learning plan

Name: Abdul
Skill area: Communicating choice.
Objective: Order a drink in the high street café independently.
Assessment: Although Abdul can say 'hot chocolate', his speech is not always clear enough for strangers to recognise. Abdul always chooses hot chocolate! Abdul can recognise clear pictures and some symbols. Steps:

  • introduce symbols for drinks in a tasting session
  • practise matching symbols to drinks
  • pick symbol from pack of symbols
  • identify person to approach
  • hand symbol to person over counter
  • give money
  • wait to receive drink
  • return to table before drinking
  • transfer to café environment.

Methods and materials:
Pointing and pictures may be a useful alternative for Abdul. Symbols with words would enable him to transfer his skills to different places and he may eventually learn to recognise the words 'hot chocolate' alone. He could then point to menus and vending machines.