If an employer believes that your organisation has specialist expertise they are much more likely to contribute towards the full cost of training.  This is partly because there are fewer competitors in the market, so your negotiating position is strong. However, specialist expertise also carries several other advantages when negotiating price, including:

  • a recognition that additional costs are incurred by the provider in acquiring and maintaining this expertise
  • added value for the company and the employer’s staff in being trained by well-known specialists in the industry or sector
  • low risk for the employer in contracting with a specialist
  • likelihood of acquiring additional insight and skills (over and above the core curriculum) due to the providers specialism.


You may wish to further promote and develop your existing specialisms. This could include a review of existing promotional materials and how you exploit your relationships and networks within the sector. To what extent does commercial income contribute towards the cost of developing and maintaining this specialism and could this be made more transparent in the negotiations over price?


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