Learner: Mary Location: Spennymoor
Tutor: Helen Adams Day/time: Tuesday 1.30 pm
Support: Dyslexia  
A) Goals for this plan: By when?
1. To be able to read fluently and spell well with confidence. Jul-03
2. To write notes/ memos for work colleagues.  
3. To be able to fill in maintenance forms at work.  
B) Targets: how will you achieve these goals? Curriculum ref.
1. Follow a structured phonics programme (Write/Right to Read) and complete modules 3, 4 and 5. WW/E1.3, WW/E2.2 WW/E3.2, RW/E1.2 RW/E1.3 WW/E1.1 WS/E1.1,WS/E2.1 WS/E1.1, WS/E2.1 WS/E1.2,WS/1.3
2.1 Be able to spell 15 personal priority words, using multisensory strategies (MUSP).
3.1 Keep a personal spelling dictionary.
2.2 and 3.2. Spell and write words and phrases for letters, maintenance forms or to present information. Construct simple and compound sentences. Punctuate a sentence with a capital letter and a full stop. Use capital ‘I’ for personal pronoun ‘I'.
C) What is your priority? All of the above.
D) Materials: Write/Right to Read manual and worksheets; MUSP ACE spelling dictionary; Writing Frames for letters and memos. Materials cont: ABC Productions – Dolch list exercises; Whiteboard and pens; Flash cards and games.
E) Learning styles: Mary likes to work at her own speed and is highly motivated. She does not wish to work as part of a group. She learns best when she can hear, see and do what she needs to learn.
Signed tutor: Date:
Signed learner: Date:

(Notice on the learning plan how the numbering system in section ‘A’ relates to be numbering in section ‘B’. If the same numbering system is used when reviewing learning then it is easy to measure progress)