Learning Plan for: Sue
Timescale: From: Aug 03 To: Nov 03 (20 hrs)
A Curriculum levels: SLlr/L1 SLc/L1 SLd/L1
B What do I need/want to learn?
1 Use Units of Sound to develop a phonic method of spelling.
2 Develop multisensory strategies for spelling irregular words (words for forms).
3 Use Fast Track Spelling Programme to help me understand the logic of spelling.
4 Develop memory skills and phonological awareness.
5 Experiment with and evaluate the use of coloured overlays.
6 Develop metacognition – learn about my own best learning styles.
C How much can I do already in these areas?
1 Know names of letters of alphabet and majority of letter sounds. Know how to use the keyboard and mouse.
2 Developed some multisensory strategies for spelling irregular words (words for forms).
3 Can identify the number of syllables in a word. Understand open and closed syllables and long and short vowels.
4 Can remember two digits in backwards order. Can identify vowel sounds in words.
D What skills and knowledge do I need; what steps do I need to take to achieve these goals?
1.1 Understand how Units of Sound works and which keys to use to enter and operate the programme.
1.2 Complete Units of Sound Assessment.
1.3 Complete seven pages of Units of Sound.
2.1 Spell ten priority words by experimenting with a range of multisensory strategies.
3.1 Complete modules 1 and 2 of The Leap Fast Track Spelling Programme. Extend auditory memory skills to three digits (backwards). Use multisensory memory strategies to remember shopping lists.
4.1 Blend sounds of letters together to read words.
4.2. Experiment with different coloured overlays when reading college work.
5.1. Experiment with different tracking devices when reading stories to my child and doing college work.
6.1. Understand general learning styles common to people with dyslexia.
6.2. Experiment with different learning styles/multisensory strategies to identify which work best for me.
E What are the priorities?
F What about materials?
  Units of Sound, MUSP, FAST TRACK, PC with sound card, coloured overlays, "Use your Memory" (Tony Buzan) College work. child’s story books.
G We'll review your work after about a term and a half.
  Would you prefer more often?
  Yes. Once a term.
Everyone involved in Leap Adult Basic Education will be respected and appreciated, irrespective of gender, race, culture, age or disability.
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